Fundamentals Course

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Overview of Fundamental Hair Course

The course that will educate you in the foundations of precision cutting, allowing you to understand the structure of hair design in connection with shape and technique along side suitability being a core element which will then open your eyes to the matrix of hair design.

Key Learning

  • Principal shapes & techniques
  • Sectioning and how it relates to the shape
  • Body positioning & finger positioning
  • Posture
  • Hair texture & density
  • Consultation
  • Suitability & bone structure
  • Discovering the simplicity of cutting geometric shapes.
  • Refining and exercising your technical cutting ability.
  • Lecture (PowerPoint presentation)
  • Demonstration
  • Practical cutting work session

All courses can be tailored to meet your requirements from half a day upwards. Within the course contents you can request lectures, demonstrations and work sessions. If you have any question’s, please don’t hesitate to contact.

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